Learn How To Increase Breast Size Naturally

how to increase breast size naturallyLearning how to increase breast size naturally will be easier than you think. If your breasts are on the small side, you’ve probably spent a lot of time wishing for fuller, sexier breasts. Wanting bigger breasts is very normal and natural. After all, mass media bombards us with images of sexy females who have full, beautiful bust lines.

Judging by the way that Victoria’s Secret models, Hollywood actresses and Playboy bunnies are celebrated in our world, having big, sexy breasts is a real advantage. In fact, it sometimes feels like women who don’t have large breasts are perceived as being much less attractive than their more-voluptuous counterparts. No, it isn’t fair, but it is just the way that things are…

Women who don’t “measure up” in terms of breast size often feel less than perfect, and that’s not a good thing.

If you aren’t happy with your breast size, using the right natural breast enhancement techniques and products will be the smartest, safest way to meet society’s expectations (and to turbo-charge your own body confidence!).

You deserve to love your body. You deserve to be the woman that you’ve always wanted to be. That’s why learning how to increase breast size naturally will bring so much positive energy to your life.

Grow Your Breasts the Natural, Healthy Way

The way that we feel about our own bodies is very important. Without true body confidence, we may not develop the self-esteem that we need to make the most of our friendships, romantic relationships and careers. Many women who are down on themselves due to having small breasts tend to shy away from activities or challenges that they should embrace. When you grow your breasts the natural, healthy way, you may find that your whole attitude towards life changes for the better.

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally with Exercise

Breast exercises don’t literally grow the breasts. However, they do pump up the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts, giving women fuller breast profiles. If you’re interested in pectoral exercises that will give your bust line more projection and prominence, consider performing modified push-ups and front lifts (with light weights) while you work out.

Any exercise that tones the pectoral muscles will help you to enjoy a fuller breast look. Start with just a few repetitions, and then increase your “reps” as you get stronger. By adding modified push-ups and front lifts to your routine, you’ll ensure that every gym session leads to a sexier figure.

How to Increase Breast Size with Natural Supplements and Creams

Today, many wonderful (and natural) breast enhancement supplements are available via the World Wide Web. You may shop for these products from the privacy and comfort of your own home, and they are generally quite affordable. The best supplements for increasing breast size will contain natural extracts that mimic the effects of the female hormone, estrogen, which is associated with breast growth. By choosing a natural dietary supplement that is tailor-made to give you a fuller bust line, you’ll access increases of up to three cup sizes.

In addition to natural supplements, a range of silky, luxurious breast creams are also available via the World Wide Web. These creams are fortified with emollients, firming agents, and natural botanical essences that mimic the effects of estrogen.

Sometimes,  breast enlargement pills and creams are sold together in convenient combination packs. These packs offer plenty of benefits to all women who want to grow their breast the safe, natural way.

Now that you know more about how to increase breast size naturally, you’ll be one step closer to your ideal body.

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  1. yamini goel says:

    i am 18 yr old bt my breast is very small..i exercise and take a proper diet but the growth is nothing… plz help me… what should i do..??

  2. luhliin says:

    Hi! I’m 15 years old ad my breast is so small. I’m really jealous of those girls who have their big boobs. What would i do to increase my breast? Without any pills or cream to apply. What kind of exercise & massage will i do? And how? Please help me :( i beg

  3. queeny says:

    Hi, My problem is that after having My first kid, My boobs got bigger but too flat. I only need firmness no more bigger please which product do you recommend.

  4. shilpa says:

    Hey hi my breast size is 32b even after having one kid they are empty and saggy please tell me if BA works for me to increase my breast .after stopping its use will my breast size go back to 32b I am very upset plz help

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Shilpa,
      Yes Breast Actives works for most women so it will work for you as well and the results are permanent.

  5. Hi im 14 n im a size DD32 n i want to increase bust a little bit more but im to young for pills that make boobs bigger what wuld help me

  6. sweety says:

    Hi Jamylee
    Sweety here, I’m 25 year old. and having very small size breast 30B. So I’m just finding out good breast enhancer & don’t want to go for surgery.
    please help me ragarding this. :(

  7. sumith says:

    Hi I am an Sexual health Consultant from India I came across this website and its really good and educative,Jamylee Keep up the good work and here are some tips by me hope this will help .
    There are some natural ways to Increase your Breast size Include the following in your Diet Fenugreek Seed extract, White kreu, saw palmetto, Avena sativa and alfalfa extract. These herbs have high phytoestrogens content they have powerful properties which will regulate female hormones. White Kwao kreu contains isoflavones which helps the most in increasing their size and making it firm.
    Above all right kind of Massage with these diets will make your Breasts grow quicker.

  8. Khan says:

    Hi I’m 18 and want to increase my breast size by using breast active but I would only like to use a cream instead of taking supplements. I f I don’t use the pills and use the cream only will it still work? Or do you have a cream that doesn’t require supplements with it?

  9. lupe says:


    I really need help I want to have big boob. I’m 25 and I have to kids I want to try the pills but I’m not sure if it will work..What’s your advice

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Lupe,
      Breast Actives has a success rate of 93%. If you follow the directions BA is coming with and stop using caffeine the chances are very high that it will work for you.

  10. Andrea says:

    Hi. I have very small breast and I want to atleast get into a C cup ( I’m in an A cup and I’m 21 yrs old). It very embarrassing people say I look 14 everyday and I feel as tho its because of my lack of chest. I’m just wondering if there’s any way to increase my size naturally wit outs pills or creams or exercise??

  11. gloria says:

    my age is 18 and my breast size is very small ….. i dnt want to use any pillz…. i want to increase ma breast size by excz…… vl u plz help me…!!! and m very thin … ma weight is 40
    ma breast lookz vry odd….. m vry sad abt that ….

  12. Anon says:

    Hi! I want to increase my cup size from a B cup to a C cup, which product would you recommend that delivers good results? In addition to cup size, I also want an increase of atleast 2 inches in band size.

  13. Leah says:

    I am 13 (and yes, i know that it seems a little silly to ask since i am “developing”) and i have size 34 A. Problem is, i am really tall so i look completely flat. It is also hard to find swimsuits,bras, etc. I want to increase my breast size but dont really want to take pills or cream. Is that possible?

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Leah,
      Eating healthy on your age is the best thing you can do. Also breast massage can help. I don’t recommend you use any pill or cream.

  14. Rehnu says:

    i am 27 years old and i have 2 sons and after having baby now my breast become very small only -32 even loose too so i want to increase my breast size and make it tight as well so please suggest me if BA will work or do i need something else with this…??? and what is the price and for how many months i have to use it…???/

    thank you.

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Rehnu,
      Yes I suggest you try BA. This product comes with a cream, tablets and a Ebook with breast exercises. I don’t know how long you must use it because this differs from woman to woman but most women start to see results between 4-8 weeks.

      You can read my review here

  15. mj says:

    hmmm. does it also make the hips bigger/larger?i’m sorry if i have lots of questions jamy. ;) hehe. i really wanna purchase this. thanks

    • jamylee says:

      That’s OK MJ :) If you have more questions you can also use my contact form if you want. No BA doesn’t make your hips larger.

  16. mj says:

    hi jamie i have another question, is there no possible way of paying it aside from credit card?what about taking fenugreek capsules alone and amino acids, is it also effective or BA is really the best choice?because i can buy fenugreek capsules in gnc stores. thanks for your opinion ;)

    • jamylee says:

      Hi MJ,
      There are a lot of other products available but I recommend BA because I and alot of other women has great results with it. Fenugreek capsules alone won’t work for breast enhancement. Yes other payment options are Paypal or a money order. Click Here if you want to use these payment options.

  17. Anu says:


    I am 36, breast size is very small. I tried with Ayurvedic powder for massage and tablet for 3 months, no use at all, waste of money :-( Can you please let me know if BA will work on me and can it be shipped to Bangalore, India? I do have PCOD problem, hence suggest to go with better useful product, with less cost please.

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Anu,
      Breast Actives has a very high success rate so yes it will probably work on you. But if you use any medication because of your PCOD problem you should first consult your Doctor before using any herbal product. Yes BA ships to India.

      • Anu says:

        Thank you Jamylee :-)

        I was on Alopathy medicine for PCOD before 4 months, now I am not on any medication. I really wanted to try BA…. not sure about how many month’s product should I order for. I dont want to end up ordering more, but 4 months product is working little cheaper rather than ordering every month. Should we exercise also along with BA to get the desired result? and what are the exercises? Is the exercise available in some video?

        • jamylee says:

          Hi Anu,
          You get one month for free if you order for 4 months. Ordering every month is very expensive because you must pay shipping costs everytime you order. The exercise program will come with an Ebook. I am not sure about a video as I ordered BA more then a year ago but things could have changed.

  18. Sak says:

    I am 20 years old. And my breast size is like 32-A/B. I want to increase my breast size. I want to know if the BAs work on young indian girls? also, How much time does it take for the results to start showing?

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Sak,
      Yes BA will work on Indian women. Because each woman has a unique metabolic type, the effects of Breast Actives varies. Many women start to notice a fullness in their breast as early two weeks, other women must use BA for 4-8 weeks before they start to notice positive changes.

  19. LC says:

    You seem to suggest taking Breast Actives a lot. I’ve heard of the product before, but would my breasts go back to their previous size if I stopped using it?

    • jamylee says:

      Hi LC,
      Yes I suggest Breast Actives alot because I had great results with this product myself. No the results are permanent. You can stop using BA when you are satisfied with the results. However I suggest to keep doing the exercises and or massage.

      • Lana says:

        I am 27 with a 2 year old. After having him my breast are flat. You have recommened Ba cream often. I would like to try it. But To keep my breast size I want after using BA how often do I have to massage my breast and do I have to continue the use of BA cream every so often if so how often.

        • jamylee says:

          Hi Lana,
          You only need to massage your breasts when you apply the cream once a day preferably in the morning. For the pills you take one twice a day with a lot of water. When you have the results you want you can stop using Breast Actives or if you want only use it once a week to be certain to keep the results. Personally I don’t use it anymore and my breasts still have the same size as when I stop using Breast Actives. Check Out my Breast Actives FAQ if you need more answers .

  20. Selena says:

    Im in high school and im so flat, just as a board:( i get made fun of like every week and i come home crying every day. Does this really work? Because im sick of this, its ruining my life because i have like no friends because of this:( help?

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Selena,
      Yes the products I write about on my blog really work for most women. Breast Actives has the highest success rate especially combined with a healthy diet, exercises and breast massage.

    • Angela says:

      Selena, please don’t let other girls get you down! I am a high school teacher and know how cruel girls can be but do not let them make you feel bad about your body! I am here bc I have had two babies and after the birth of my 2nd, I have gone down to a 34A from a 34C. I am only 30 and they look like the breasts of an old woman as they seem completely empty and sag. I don’t know if any of these treatments will help me but you should look on the bright side. You can wear ANYTHING and aren’t forced to find bras that fit! Good luck to you and chin up!

  21. Gurpreet says:

    I am 24 and my breast size is very small.i want to increase its size. I’ve read ur previous comments and got Breast Actives.Could u plz tell me how much does it cost? Nd where to get it from. Thnx a lot

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Gurpreet,

      Here are the prices of BA:
      1 Month Supply – $59.95
      2 Month Supply – $109.95
      4 Month Supply – $179.95
      6 Month Supply – $239.95

      You can buy Breast Actives here or read review here

  22. komal says:

    i want to increase my breast size naturally. Dnt want to take pill.

    Plz sugt me some natural cream.

  23. darlene says:

    i’m 27year old and a mere size 32B. How do i increase my breasts naturally as this pathetic size has been a thing of a concern to me

  24. Jasmine Khan says:

    i’m 22 years old and my breast size is very small. I want to increase it. pls tell me a side effect free and lasting way.

    • jamylee says:

      Hi Jasmine,

      I have several articles on my blog on how to increase your breast size using natural methods like massage and exercises. In the future I will add more articles so check back often.

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