Ample Breasts: The Natural Alternatives

A voluptuous bust line is a desirable, sought-after attribute of the female body. In 2012, over 330,000 U.S. women underwent breast augmentation procedures, making this the number one most popular surgical procedure of the year.

Though many women consider breast augmentation for  a number of reasons, the costs + risks of surgery complications often outweigh its intended benefits. Fortunately, there are some alternative, breast enhancing options to consider if you are among the many women in search of a larger, supple and surgical-free boost!


Herbal pills have been employed for centuries in various cultures to enhance natural breast size.

There are a number of combination pills  that are currently available  on the market which  use effective herbs to promote natural breast growth. Using such herbs can generate estrogen-like effects, leading to fluid retention and eventual breast tissue growth.

Herbs that include the following are thought to stimulate breast growth:

Fenugreek: The seeds contain diosgenin, which a mastogenic effect. This leads to breast size enhancement.

Wild Yam: Common addition found in many breast enhancement herbal mixtures, and serves as an herbal tonic for women’s health.

Wild yams are enriched with phytonutrients, which are said to help increase breast tissue. However, even by itself wild yams are widely used for breast enhancement and healthy breast tissue promote.

Fennel:  Fennel contains estrogenic compounds, and has been used for centuries to increase breast size in women.

Breast Enhancement Pills

These pills contain natural herbal ingredients, in additional to non-herbal ingredients, like L-Tyrosine. This helps stimulate productions of growth hormone and muscle increase.

Hormones like estrogen are often found in breast enhancement pills, and can help restart the process that is responsible for breast growth.

Topical Creams

When puberty occurs, the deciding factors of breast shape, size and fullness are often dependant upon the length of puberty. Additionally, hormone production plays a role in breast tissue growth.

Creams made for breast enlargement stimulate the natural growth process that is experienced during puberty and pregnancy (without stimulating milk production).

These creams work by stimulating the natural body process, are safe to use long term and produce natural, visible results.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Adding hormones to the body is referred to as hormone therapy (HT) and/or  hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

There are many different forms in which to take the hormones, including: pills; suppositories; patches; creams; nasal mists, and injections.

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